Versatile metallic finish for your CSS

Open source • 2.5 kB gzipped • Free for personal and commercial use



Lustrous UIs are just a className away

MetalliCSS is a tiny, dependency-free JavaScript library that makes your CSS literally shine. It is open-source and free to use for unlimited personal and commercial projects.

Using the library is as simple as adding the class metallicss, and using CSS properties for configuration (try it out above!).

  • Download metallicss.min.js or install with npm i metallicss
  • Import with import metallicss from "metallicss"; or add a script tag before the closing </body> of your website: <script type="module" src="metallicss.min.js"></script>


A collection of lovingly crafted metallic UI elements by the creator of MetalliCSS.
Coming soon!
Put the pedal to the metal